World cup14 Brazil

                                           **The results**

                                      Ivory coast 2-1 Japan 

                                    Switzerland 2-1 Ecuador 

                                      France 3-0 Honduras

                              Argentina 2-1 Bosnia Herzegovnia 

                                   **The fixtures**

                                   Ghana vs USA

                              Portugal vs Germany 

                                  Iran vs Nigeria

Place your bets now we have Internet points betting also 1 Internet point bonus if you bet correct on who wins 5 Internet points if you bet the score correctly and 10 Internet point bonus if you gues who scores

Sorry about weird placement forresultsand the fixtures

It’s always Ghana vs the US! Always!

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I would be putting my bet son Ghana as they have won the last four times but I haven’t I terenet points also to bet you have To bet before the match game starts so tell me what time zone u r in and if you lose a bet I get the Internet points you betted but if you win then you then Internet points just get added to your amount of internetpoints by @SteveAdamo

I’m betting that U.S.A. will win


Walks out of the room laughing…

I’ve got a SweepStake on Germany so I’m rooting for them.


Ooh, I’ll upload my predictions wall chart a little later, got the correct result most of the time, but I don’t think anyone saw group B coming :scream:

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Wasn’t there some psychic goat that could predict World Cup outcomes?

Edit: Ah, yeah, Paul the Octopus predicted a few World Cup victories:


Soooo~~~ The quarter finals are knocking on our doors! Predictions? :smiley: (GO NETHERLANDS!)



Brazil vs Columbia (Who will win?)

Germany vs France (Germany I think/hope)

Then on Saturday there is:

Argentina vs Belgium (Who will win?)

The Netherlands vs Costa Rica (Who will win?)

And then the semis!!!

The US team fought well. It was a good match, and a great combo of talent and determination.

You win this time, Belgium! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Germanys going to win colombia is going to win argentina vs belgium belgium will win very closely netherlands vs costa rica i think it might be penalties

whoa, whoa, whoa… … … whoa… not a snowballs chance in… well, places where snowballs have no chance of remaining snowballs… :smile:

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ok argentina haven’t been playing well they might have one all there matches but 1-0 belgium have won all their matches and have had better scores and against use it was the goalkeeper who kept in a billion goals and i haven’t heard anything about argentina’s goalkeeper. also Di maria was lucky

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I agree:

I am slightly uncertain as to the quality of play from Argentina: they have had mostly rather narrow wins against often lesser countries, did you see the Iran match…!

I think Argentina have won more on luck than on merit recently

Oooh man I’m so excited for tomorrow!! The Brazil/Columbia game is going to be intense. ahh I don’t know if I can make a prediction for that game, they are both good teams so it will be a shock for me when either of them wins.
I think Germany will beat France, they have been playing pretty well this whole Cup!
I am thinking… ah Belgium over Argentina, but it will be close.
And I think the Netherlands will shock everyone with a win over Costa Rica

they’re just “pool sharking” the rest of the world… :wink:

Argentina? :wink:

If I’m honest I doubt this will truly shock many people… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Though I would love Costa Rica to win it all, would be fantastic for a CONCACAF team to finally win it, for too long have Europe and South America been the only winners. :soccer:

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Brazil is out aswell as Colombia also I think this might be a bit rigged to brazil with some very biast refereeing. So Germany is in the final

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That’s quite a serious claim. :stuck_out_tongue: so far they’ve had 5 games, of which only 2 have had poor refereeing. And that’s all it was.

The Japanese ref in their opening game against Croatia made a really awful penalty call and (certainly in my opinion) a bad call for a foul on the keeper when Croatia could have equalised.

The Spanish ref in last night’s game against Colombia was far too lenient with his cards, and the card on Rodriguez was pretty harsh, especially when put in perspective, but there were challenges from both sides that got away with it. Admittedly Brazil had more, but I believe I recall it to be 21/52 challenges in the first half were Colombian, so it was just bad refereeing for the game in general, even if Brazil were more likely to have picked up cards.

Saying it was rigged is quite a hefty statement and one which sort of brings down the mood of the World Cup. Please don’t make such claims without very strong evidence, not just bad refereeing in 2/5 games. :stuck_out_tongue:



maybe its not rigged but if they win against germany i think thats a bit crazy as they have lost neymar and they’re keeper is going to be quite cautious after his yellow card and germany has a full squad. Still Colombia will leave a mark with probably james Rodriguez having the golden boot also sorry for saying it was rigged it is also the scramble goal from colombia should have been as it wasn’t a pass it was a tackle