Workshop or Builder

I think it’s a shame the workshop is not available in the testbuild. This is extremely impractical.

Actually it is very normal, to have separate builds for testing out different features. They only test them together if they’re dependent on each other, or have already been tested for functionality.

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patience… :wink: We are testing the features at the moment and they will soon be accesable all at once.


Being that once the builder is finished, they will begin allowing templates to be shared in the workshop, this makes perfect sense. It’s seperate for the time being, then when the builder is done, they will combine it to prevent both from breaking now.


Actually I think the next update to the builder branch will include the workshop because it is taken from our main branch :thinking:

But as you’ve already said, until the builder is in good shape we won’t allow to upload templates to the workshop. We plan on adding something to make it easy to upload the templates, but I’m not sure how it will look in the game (whether we’re going to reuse the same upload form or use a different one).