Worker WaitingSnake

Okay before I get to my suggestion, why did I write WaitingSnake.
This was a little joke of a friend of mine, he did not know the right word for “Warteschlange” which means queue in german. But if you separate the german word Warteschlange into Warte and Schlange, you can translate those into waiting and snake.
Sooooooooooo literally Warteschlange is waiting snake :smiley:

Back to my suggestion for a worker waiting snake (queue)
Today I asked myself, what are my workers doing, which job are they on and which jobs are on their list, why can I not cancel, pause a job or change its priority.
I can do it with my crafters in their crafting menu … wait crafting menu … WHY is there no worker menu like this one

Okay, lets take a closer look at my idea.
You can open up an Order menu for work.
There you can see:

  • What is on the to do list
  • The job order
  • Who is on xyz job right now
  • etc …
    And you can change things:
  • changing the order
  • add or removing of workers from jobs
  • deleting jobs
  • pausing jobs
  • etc …

Some jobs like hauling could be handled like a maintaining job.

What do you think?

Mod Edit: Please watch the harsh language :smiley:


sorry if i just totally missed the point, but isn’t this kinda what the hearthling therapy UI is for?


I think Groms wants finer control of the hearthlings though Radiant have always insisted they don’t want you to micro-manage your citizens…


Not really, my suggestion is more like the order menu for the jobs.
On the hearthling therapy UI you can not see who does what, what is on the to do list.

Okay an example:
You mark 5 trees for choping, add a mining place, place a table and four chairs and start building a house.
Which hearthling does what? And when, in which order will those tasks been done?

With my suggestion you have an UI and you can see, which worker is on which task, you can drag an drop workers from one task to an other or even pause or cancle a task or change the order of the tasks, maybe even the priority.

The therapist does not have this kind of power.

Finer control :slight_smile: yeah that is the phrase I need.
Hmmm micro management.

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It would be nice at least just to be able to observe what they are up to, even if there wasn’t much control added.

I can understand the desire to not micromanage, but there are a couple of things that would be nice. Give us the ability to pause tasks up to 2 tasks, and to assign a single task highest priority just to grant a little control over what the hearthlings are doing. A pop-up menu that showed in some detail what the hearthlings were doing could help you to understand their psycology, and currently the canceling features are clunky and in my case personally at least buggy. Why not give the option to pause, cancel, and assign 1 activity highest priority in a simple UI that shows all the assigned tasks and who is working on them.

Its something to consider at least.


The other point where it would be nice it’s when your hearthlings are idling because there is “too much” things to do.
Since it seems they keep wonder what to do next, you could “tell them”: “Allright bob, stop thinking, I’m not paying you to think. I’m not paying you at all ! Go chop that tree in the first place !”.

Not really a way to micro manage imo. But a way to “help” them deciding what to do next.


this is beautiful.

I also agree that something like this would be nice. and really, the only time you would use it is when you have more jobs than workers, at which point micro management is fine because you’re already dealing with it on a micro level. when you start getting a large number of workers, who does what when is much less important because there’s enough workers around to just to it on their own. it’s not like the tool would make you “need” to micro-manage your settlement, it’s just there for if you want to fine-tune what your settlement is doing. no one is forcing you to use the tool, but it does have its uses. especially like what vallantyn said with not paying bob.