Worker stands still until (soon) dies

Basic worker is just standing still like it’s stuck or something.
No animations even when enemies attacked her. She just looks far off to the distance.
Citizens panel shows that she is restocking items (what a lazy peon!).

I tried changing her job to herbalist if it would “wake her up” but it did nothing. Also dug one layer from under her to make her move for nothing.
Soon she’ll starve and die off.

I really have no idea how to reproduce it or why it’s happening. @__@"
Here are some screenshots (from steam screenshot library):

hmm… this is weird, does sounding red alert “reset” her?

I closed the game and opened it again and she started moving.
Seems like she froze still and got “overloaded” with commands/stuff. (My random guess)
Ofcourse, might be something totally different thing causing it.

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my guess is also that the AI getting overloaded, which is why i suggested red alert (it tends to “reset” the AI)

i’m going to move this to not_reproducible, but if you run into it again please say so!