Wooden Buckler and Cracked

Okay so I was looking in the stonehearth.smod and I noticed that the wooden buckler and the cracked wooden buckler have the same .qb file name. Can files have the same name? or will it make errors etc or what? can some one explain this to me thanks. Below is wooden and then cracked

Can’t see a problem with this to be honest.

Manifest would look something like:

 "aliases" : { 
          "cracked_wooden_buckler" : "file(filelocation1)",
          "cracked_wooden_buckler2" : "file(filelocation2)",
          "totally_different_cracked_wooden_buckler_honest" :  "file(filelocation1)",
          "wooden_buckler" : "file(filelocation1)"

I should imagine one is just a placeholder till Tom works his Qubicle magic.


Okay I am very new to this sort of thing and had no clue. Thank you.