Wolf escaping from their cages, when dead

During the campaign with the wolves spawning in the forest, there seem to be something wrong?

When i go to attack the camp, the wolves (that are incaged?) begin to attack me… naturally we cant have that, so they end up in the weavers crate with pelts!
But when the soilders then smash the camp in the end, the pop up notification tells us that we freed the wolves and that they run of to freedom happy happy…

I remember in the past that this actually happened, so i assume something went wrong somewhere?

Well now you know… thanks. :slight_smile:


I mean, depending how you attacked them… I suppose it’s possible they may have “exploded”. Probably not very joyfully, though.


Just got a snapshot of their camp before my forces arrives…
It seems like the wolves are pushed out of the cagemodel? some kind of hitbox issue i wonder?


True. I never looked into that. I suck at fighting, so when the note had appeared with “hey, if you suck, go and free them” I went immediately… and got attacked by the wolves anyway… at the camp. I maybe thought there were more fictive cages somewhere, that would have released the wolves if I didn’t do that.

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I’ve always found it interesting, once the fight with the wolves is over, that’s when the message “aroooo the wolves have escaped from their cage” pops up.

And there still seem to be an issue with the flute that drop when you destroy the tent. The flute dont autoloot :slight_smile:

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