Win10 Update broke game for me, help?

After updating to Win10 from Win7 there is an immediate failure to start. It then posts a message. The game has also seemed to have put itself out of beta mod, and I no longer have the code. Is that checkable?


No Log


Versions and Mods:
Current Build ID = 1224500

System Information:

Windows version 10, NVIDIA GeForce GT 650, laptop panel

It says your user_settings.json is not valid json. Go to the directory where your stonehearth game is installed and try deleting the user_settings.json file from there

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That seems to have worked, thanks! What do I do about it no longer allowing me to partake in the betas/unstable patches?

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What do you mean the game seems to have put itself out of beta mode? Are you playing the game on steam?

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Wait, nevermind, ignore me. :sweat_smile:

glad to hear everything is fine for you now @naturalnuke, i’ve marked this thread as resolved, but if you have further problems with crashing don’t hesitate to say so!

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