Will there be township quests beyond tier 2?

Is there any talk of additional township quests beyond tier 2? I really enjoy the township quests and the rewards they offer, but I get through them pretty quickly. I’m hoping there will be more down the line.

This is pure speculation - but seeing as the team calls it tier 2, explicitly using a number, I would like to think there is more coming.


I would imagine there will be more… i mean you go from camp to town id imagine there would at least be 1 more for a city level.

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Waht would be the rewards of a tier 3 though :thinking:?

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Waffles and a lots of them :smiley:
We will see …


Not sure when but tier 3 will come eventually, it is in the code :slight_smile:
I wonder what the templates would look like, specially Rayya’s templates!


at the very least i would expect them to be like the Tier 2 rewards, better music, better traders, and more templates. that being said, i wouldn’t mind Tier 3 also getting a couple more bonuses


Not sure if it would fit the scheme of Stonehearth, but it’d be interesting to see them toy with the idea of only attracting high tier classes to your class if you’re Tier 3


when tier 2 first came out i was thinking of something similar with class tiers being tied to town tiers, totally forgot about it until you mentioned it now!


I think it fits better as a reward for tier 3 rather than tier 2; since reaching tier 3 means you’ve established a stable and probably flourishing city.

In my mind, I break the tiers down as:

  1. camp/frontier settlement – everything is rough and rustic, no time for decorations or luxuries when you’re just starting out. There are defences to build, farms to establish, and only basic workshops.

  2. Township – having survived the first couple of months, the hearthlings have established a relatively comfortable and secure foothold. Work now turns to tidying up and strengthening the existing structures, locking the settlement into its permanent form. There’s now time to work on making things comfortable, experimenting with more advanced designs (for both items and buildings), laying claim to personal space, and settling down into a permanent home. More advanced crafters can set up shop now, and the original founders can improve their workspaces to create more advanced designs.

  3. The township has gained renown, so migrants are making their way to this new bastion of tranquility and productivity. The growth in population causes the settlement to be re-classified as a city, meaning new responsibilities but also new power and respect within the region. As well as creating opportunity for the working-class citizens to make a new life for themselves, a new city is also a chance for high-class merchants, artisans and even members of the aristocracy to establish a new domain or expand their existing influence. This means that immigrants won’t just be unequipped workers anymore; but some will arrive with previous knowledge or skills, possibly even some equipment; and you may get a whole family moving in rather than just lone migrants looking for a fresh start.

So, to keep in line with those kinds of changes in stature/standing, here are some things which I think would work for a tier 3 town:

  • migration changes, so that we can now get equipped crafters moving in. They could, of course, be demoted into workers upon arrival if that was needed, but they’d offer more skills to keep the established town running. After all, your city is now a very attractive place to live, so it’s not just down-on-their-luck workers or young people looking to make a name for themselves who would move in; experienced and established professionals would see an opportunity for a better life there too.

  • on top of more experienced and equipped migrants, groups of migrants (families all sharing the same name, or a guild of crafters who have decided to pack up the whole guild and move to a more lucrative location) would make sense. This system would probably need input from other systems, so that the groups are inclined towards the sort of roles you need to fill. For example, if nobody is currently filling the blacksmithing job; then a guild of blacksmiths might arrive and offer to set up shop in your town. These groups of migrants would probably work better as an event rather than a normal daily check; although it could be that the daily check is replaced by that event when certain conditions (or even just a random count) are met.

  • new classes unlock, not all of them being crafters. Professional merchants (who can be sent out with buying orders as well as goods to sell), military commanders (e.g. sergeants who buff their squads), artists and entertainers (including musicians and performers, but also painters and so on), priests, dabblers in magic, scholars and storytellers… dreamers, designers and creators of all types are attracted to cities; and I figure that a bustling city should be more than just a place where people go about their daily jobs. It should be the kind of place that can support longer-term projects, experiments and research leading to improved technologies.

  • Monuments. I’m not talking about a single fountain that decorates a town square; I’m talking of huge statues, of cathedrals and impressive city halls, of fortresses with grand gate-houses, of bridges and towers… not only a visual spectacle, but offering some larger benefit to the town. For example, a cathedral template might be unlocked as part of a quest (which only becomes available in tier 3), and once construction of that template is completed an order of devotees move in; unlocking a new class and bringing with them some acolytes (who fill the roles of clerics, herbalists, scholars and so on… they might be re-skins for those classes, or they may simply come pre-trained in those classes). Or for another example, unlocking a tried-and-tested blueprint for large city walls (complete with arrow-slits, ramparts, walkways for easy access, and all the other useful tricks which defenders can take advantage of) would enable a tier 3 city to quickly expand with a new defended area, or to replace its existing walls with grander and better-defended designs.


Although I do like a lot of what you suggested there, I worry about the amount of hearthlings your computer has to bear.

Also, cities were prone to overpopulation. A lot of people moved in, but everything was kept in balance by plagues that spread to the new kindling of unimmune settlers. I don’t know whether we would want those plagues to happen to your city, just because there are so many hearthlings.

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you can always tweak the rate of migration as a trade-off to all of these enhancements

I feel like this needs its own suggestion thread. I love this idea! :smiley:

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I hope they add a third tier

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YES!!! I would love a bit more variability and more stuff.

id LOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE to see more quests
id LOOOOOOOOOVE towntiers unlocking more recepies (mostly more decorations/more colour variations for blocks, etc)

id LOOO=OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE to see more building templates, and what id really love to see is some of them being community made (like from a contest or something)

i would like to see you getting recepies for your craftsmen, that require a combined effort to finish (like the monument crafting recepies, stuff that requires wood, metal and plants for example)

id love to see barracks for tier 3 or higher, that unlock training opportunities for your soldiers

there are so many possibilities for this tier system, unfortunately its currently nothing more than a prototype (at least thats how i see it) so we wont know in what direction they will take this