Will there be a "Completed Mods" List?

I honestly think there should be a single category of “completed mods”, rather than having to sift through all the bug reports within the modding category. Or the mod suggestions within the modding category.

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There are sites like praise that have compiled a list of mods on it


In all honesty, Praise doesn’t have a lot of the mods I’m using, yet.

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I know it is still gathering people to add mods to the site. A lot of mods are outdated as well. Many people may also at the moment are waiting for the newest stable alpha or not making them at all until game is released.

Imo there are very few mods right now so there isnt a whole lot to look at in the mod section.


I am not sure if this will help you but:

Ugh, so many mods that need to be updated…I’m still waiting on the Brewery mod to be updated…I literally only got to enjoy the entirety of that mod for not even a week before the new update came out and broke it. x.x It’s just, right now, difficult to have to keep sifting through unsorted modding categories–I also look for templates uploaded by other players, so I’m including that I would think, too. And I have A LOT of templates in my game by other people xD

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Me too

lazy @Deathbysnusnu :wink:

Not so much lazy as my Hearthlings just don’t like doing overly complex building, so I pretty much gave up on creating my own buildings until that gets sorted out. My hearthlings stop building in the middle of building, then just sit around the fire doing nothing, so I have to restart my game. I’ve been giving the game a rest, I’m just fed up with the Hearthlings and their inability to complete anything, right now lols

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When it comes to my complex builds I do it in sections and if I do have one that is relatively easy amd they stop building I put more ladders up so they can go where they need to to keep building

Yeah, I’ve tried that. I’ve tried everything. I honestly don’t know what the issue is with the Hearthlings and them just not building what I want. I put the template for ladders where they need to be and they don’t even build them. They’d rather go sit at the goblin’s camp fires. Getting really annoyed with that lols x.x

i bet! these are some of the houses I have in my current town not overly complex but…

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Haha, that’s pretty cool looking. I just honestly wish I could build ANYTHING I wanted in this game…There’s even a lot of templates atm that don’t even work in my game, too. And some of the non-working ones are really nice, too. x.x

you have also made sure in the job manager that you have X amount set on just building?

Job manager? o__O I literally had no idea I could give people jobs without turning them into a class like a farmer or something…

yah you can make it so that some hearthlings will literally only haul/mine/job/build

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Oh jeeze lmao I’ve actually never had a reason to look at that, so I had no idea. xD

this will help when you want to mine and build at the same time, I usually try and keep half n half for that one so I dont have everyone doing just one thing :smile:

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Ha, I’ll have to try that, see if that helps even a little. Can’t believe I didn’t know about that XD

What mods are you using that Praise doesn’t have?