Will gravity and statics play a role in the future?

As it says in the title… Will we ever, in some future release, have to worry about structurally stable construction? Any any kind of reasonable construction in the first place?

Exhibit A, the floating boulder:

Will this always be part of Stonehearth? ^^

I know that sometime ago, I saw a mod for this somewhere on this forum. I usually don’t play with mods on too early alphas, so I never tried it myself, but basically if you were building too many things on top of each other, the bottom part would start to crumble. My question is of course, if there are plans to include this in the main game already.

I assume/hope, that destruction of both terrain and buildings will be implemented rather sooner than later, as a wall with some door is still the perfect defense against any enemies. So under the assumption that every terrain block (which would include buildings so far) will have some statistics about its inherent stability (stone more stable than wood, maybe some metal fortifications at some point with even higher stability) and “hitpoints”, so it should be easy to extend the system by a weight and damage propagation to lower blocks.


If the building behavior doesn’t change it’s actually needed, since right now Hearthlings can only build top down, thus being unable to fix a hole in a wall unless the rest comes down, too. Part of me hopes, that it stays as it is now and they just change Hearthling-AI accordingly. I like my floating islands like in Minecraft. :wink:


Gravity is in place for hearthlings and items, though falling damage is not yet. And you generally cannot build new buildings without appropriate support ( at least not yet).

Falling damage isn’t in yet though but my understanding is it is planned.

As to mining support and caveins, Dwarf Fortress used to have a fairly realistic system (requiring support every seven tiles) but moved to a less realistic system, where any single tile of support was enough, because it limited gameplay too much otherwise and people couldn’t build big cool caverns. If something was too annoying and clunky for dwarf Fortress, my guess is this game will take an even more lighthanded approach.

I think for now this is something you just have to roleplay. When I dug out my cave city I left lots of extra columns just for aesthetics. Alternative ly, found Laputa.

Edit: I believe building destruction and damage is planned though my guess is it’s down the road a bit.


I believe @Tom said in the past that they wanted to keep this unrealistic mechanic in place, to allow the player to build things outside of normal physics (similar to Minecraft). Of course, this means that there will need to be methods for the enemies and mobs to reach these sorts of locations like flying or building ladders and bridges.


There is also a non- trivial issue with calculating every dependency every time a block is mined.

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While I don’t know the technical approach behind this, I strongly assume, this is actually more of a convenience function, not actually part of the simulation. Try removing a (complex, slab-heavy) building, and you will see several places, where scaffolding and ladders remain orphaned in mid-air, because the remove-order is the same as for building, while it should be reversed. No gravity in sight there… :wink:

That might be just the case. Of course, you could have hearthlings automatically build support structures, like they automatically build scaffolding. But then again it’s a game about cubic trees and box-head people, so it’s definitely not a realistic requirement. :smiley:

Ohhh, that is something I’d love to see! The goblins already always spawn with a small storage of wood anyway, this would be a perfect use for that! :smiley:

That’s not that much of an impact… Not every block needs to affect every other block, as the influence decreases over distance, and compared to other things in the game (like pathfinding), mining happens relatively rarely (and obviously never on the same block twice). Also, this would be a perfect opportunity to do the calculations on a separate, independent background thread, as a delay would not only be acceptable, but actually could add to the dramatic tension! :smiley:

Will it hold, will it hold, will it ho… never mind.


Well, yeah, that’s the bug your describing. But if you build a ladder up to those orphaned ladders and scaffolding bits, they’ll normally be removed; similarly, sometimes items hanging in midair will fall if you force a check by building a ladder up to their level. And there are some other bugs as well.

But (for example) try to build a building out of slabs, and you can’t place a new slab block anywhere that’s completely “unsupported”. I think at this point they probably intend to implement a few more aspects of gravity (i.e., falling damage) but are still working on the ideal balance between realism and gameplay.

Right now the rest of the game isn’t there yet; I’ve had workers start climbing down 10-story ladders that other workers were in the process of deconstructing, for example. If falling damage were in place just taking down scaffolding would kill half your guys.


Yes, well, obviously it’s in any case too early for this, I just got curious and wanted to start a discussion about the topic… Let’s not even start about the amazingly intelligent sheep in the world of Stonehearth, who can also, without problems, use ladders and doors! :smiley:


The shepherd is very good at animal training.


Yeah, the sheep haven’t thrown any raves for quite a while now.