Wild Foxfires stop glowing when selected for Harvest

Title says it all. Foxfire’s glow broke when I selected to Harvest it, which I think is probably not the intended course of action.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Find Wild Foxfire
  2. See it glow
  3. Select it for Harvest
  4. Watch it stop glowing

Expected Results:
Foxfire continues to glow until a Hearthling plucks it

Actual Results:
Foxfire stops glowing after being selected for Harvest




Version Number and Mods in use:

System Information:

Please ask the creator of the mod to review their files (@The_M) . This is not a vanilla item, so it might / might not be intended depending on the modder. If they determine it’s not intended and can’t fix it by themselves, feel free to ask us again.

Edit: this is likely that it can’t play the harvest effect at the same time than the other effect. But not sure if it’s something fixable.

Foxfires aren’t vanilla?! I didn’t know! Ahaha I’m sorry XD

Haha no foxfire isn’t vanilla, it’s part of the settlement decor mod. As @Relyss says I’m not sure if the glow effect can be played at the same time as the other effect. But I’m currently updating all of the effects in the mod for my next update so will take a look at the same time.


It might be the case that they can’t run at the same time because the game will stop one before playing the other one. But there are several syntaxes for specifying effects so one of them might work. Would need to check. :confused:

Yes, the same thing happens to pretty much every item that has an effect;

For example, it happens to blacksmith forges as well (their coals stop burning). It always felt right in that case, however, since it feels like since you are going to “move” the item, makes sense to stop the fire from burning :smile:

I found that out working on my current mod - it adds a couple of furnaces and I noticed that they stop burning when you order to remove them - and since one of them is actually a storage item, it also stops working when you set no filters (because of the “No storage filters set” overlay)
But - as in the blacksmith’s case - it always felt “right” even though it is indeed a bug. Let’s call it a feature :smiley:

Doors and such are not “removable” as far as I remember but I’m pretty sure that if you ordered them to be removed, they would stop opening as well :wink:


You can fix it by using the effects field (list of URIs) instead of default_effect in the effect_list component. Those won’t be stopped when other effects are started.


I’ve been using this since this thread arose, but I noticed that the effects listed like that tend to not “activate” after loading a saved game - is this normal or a bug?
For example, after changing my furnaces to work like that, after loading a saved game, all of them stopped smoking. Newly placed ones (or if I move them) will have the effect working, but if I save and reload again, same thing happens.

Shed does warn me of that - so I imagine it is a known/necessary “feature” - but in that case, are there any workarounds?

The Shed warning is old and should not apply anymore. If you have a simple repro, we’ll look into fixing it.

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