Why reduce the farm size

why reduce the farm size to 11? that is just way to small :s i have allways made my farm 13x5 because then they fit perfect next to 3 barry bushes :smiley:

I’d actually like to see the farm size not being limited by one side but rather by the area. That would mean that eg. the farm size would not be limited to 11x11 but can be anything from 5x24 (or maybe 3x40) to 24x5/3x40, but not exceeding 121 tiles.


If it’s 121 tiles for the maximum, though, it wouldn’t allow a full box-shaped area to be drawn. If there’s a limit, it likely needs to be an even divisible number to create generic squares or rectangles.

Not sure I follow? Did something change with the latest build? I haven’t gotten to play it yet, was busy with papers.

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@Sdee responded to this on the dev blog:

We felt that garden-sized plots were more in the spirit of the medieval-fantasy sim than modern super-farms would be. Also, this fits better with our gameplay goals: a.) to encourage people to have lots of different crops and b.) to telegraph that you don’t need giant farms in order to produce enough food to win. Side bonus: a food score bug was fixed this release, so it’s not so hard to meet the immigration food requirements anymore.



And you can still make your bigger farms by putting farms next to each other! It’s just that this way, the default better telegraphs the requirements you actually need.


well i didnt know it had changed, but i love the thought! ive always made my fields 7x7 anyways :blush:


9x9 Here :stuck_out_tongue:

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i think ive only ever had one game where i made them larger, and my farmer was getting “behind” schedule because of it, so i decided to stick with 7x7

Do they have a minimum width yet? Last time I played, I could still make 1x__ farms for maximum efficiency, which has always bugged me since you guys went to all the trouble of adding furrows to the game :stuck_out_tongue: .