What's your opinion on farm plot size?

At the start of a new game we all set about our hearthlings farm plots, I find that a 11x6 for the 3 starting veggies gives the farmer time to plow and plant, before a new dawn, all 3 for an assortment of veggeis with a few moments left to help pick up stuff laying around (wood), then late game move to the max 11x11 when they have enough farmers.

Was curious as to what others did or thought about farm plots?

I like the current 11x11 sizes, with the empty stripes in the middle.
I normally start with one 11x11 of turnips, than when that gets complete and the farmer has nothing more to do besides wait I add the next crop, and keep that behavior until all crops are placed.
Then I trim those that are over producing (turnips, carrots, trees) because I hate having an overflow of one type and nothing of the other crop. I end up with different sized areas for each crop.
Most of the time it is 1 row(11x1) of trees, 2 rows for each flower, 2 for silkweed, 5 rows for fast food crops and full 7 rows (11x11) for slow crops as corn and wheat.

I find the most optimized farm slots are multiple 5x5’s w/ a road of 1-2 wide between them.

So for example, with a slot of 24x24 you can have 16 5x5 plots. with a road 1 between them and 2 wide through the middle in a cross formation. Now, these 16 5x5 plots allow for 240 crops to be grown.

Whereas using 11x11(the max size) you can have 4 11x11 plots with a road of 2 wide between the middle in a cross.

These 4 11x11 plots allow for 264 crops to be grown. Now while this is more, I find eventually over time the roads between the 5x5 plots allow for farmers to get around better, resulting in more crops gained.

This is my preferred pattern(gray being road, green being crop spots, and brown being empty rows. Blue is just the border between spaces, red is to show 1 plot).

As opposed to this.

I like to build my farms really, really large – not right from the start, but once I get established I love the look of massive fields. For me, Stonehearth is all about the aesthetics… I have other games to play when I want a more detailed simulation; but while Stonehearth is still being built up I’m most interested in the features that are already complete. At the moment, that basically means building really pretty things – that’s the only part of the game experience which doesn’t require more things to be hooked into it later in the development. So, while I wait for those things to come (and I know they’re coming in good time, I’m aware that this is a long journey), I’m enjoying building really, really pretty things lol.

Because I’m absolutely finnicky about tiny details, I can’t stand having that “double line” of crops when two max-sized farms are beside each other. So, I generally build 10x11 farms so that I can run as many of them side-by-side as I want, and they’ll look like a single massive, continuous field.

Of course, this means that efficiency goes out the window. Fortunately, I rarely need to worry about that – by the time I’m building my massive farms, I’ve got a stable setup. In the early game, I go for something much closer to @Aviex’s design, although I don’t put the roads in since the “temporary” farms will be built very close to the “temporary” kitchen anyway.

Temporary roads can be destroyed rather easily as of Alpha 18.

So even temporary farms can have them, I usually build mine out of wood, also adds a tiny boost of ‘value’ to your town, super helpful early on.

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That’s a good point, even though I normally start out with a “campsite” early on it wouldn’t be a bad idea to make the whole camping ground a large road surface. It can be removed later on as you say, and it would mean that crafters can quickly carry things where they’re needed…

I’ll have to give that a try in my next game, thanks for the tip/idea!

I used to not do it because I hated the stupid holes they’d leave in the ground if you removed the building.

But last I checked when you remove a road now it reverts the space to the old dirt block.

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Just to point out, the vector of optimization is not limited to gain/efficiency alone.

For example, at many times, I prefer to optimize : management.

In which I will knowingly tolerate inefficiencies just to make the management simpler etc :slight_smile:
One possible example (I rarely do it though) is that I can toggle larger farms on and off in larger units for the same effect (proportionate to their gains). e.g. toggling a 4 5 x 5 farm plots requires 4 times the “work” of toggling a 1 11 x 11 farm plot. Also: building roads for farms is troublesome… lol.

Other possible vectors of consideration:

  • aesthetics, whether intrinsic or “matching” to a theme

  • contextual efficiency. Efficiency individually (just the farm alone) may be “sub-optimal”, but actually produces a more optimal results when taking in other non farm factors, such as proximity/direction of storage, workshops, or even factors like defenses.