White Screen with Game Sound

I can’t play anymore :frowning:
When i start the game, i see only white screen with game sound. How can i fix this?
All drivers updated.

Hey there @Burak_Ergen, welcome to the Discourse! Sorry to hear about your issues with playing Stonehearth. Couple of questions for you:

  1. You said “anymore.” Does that mean you were able to access the game previously?
  2. If so, what version were you last able to play?
  3. Have you attempted all of the steps listed here: Crashing on start? Read this! UPDATED October 18, 2016? (I know you already said your drivers are up to date).
  4. Can you upload your stonehearth.log and crash.dmp files from your game install directory (if they exist)?
  5. Can you copy and paste your user_settings.json file here?
  6. Are you running any mods?
  7. Can you detail your system specs: Windows version (7, 8, 8.1, 10), video card (e.g. GTX 780), and monitor type (laptop panel or external monitor)?

First my English bad i hope u can understane me

  1. Last play 2 day ago. I delete the game for some reasons then download on steam. i cant play. i click the stonehearth opening white screen and game music.
  2. All done.
  3. not exist on files i check all files
    “user_id” : “4a977d2c-98bd-11e5-9559-d8cb8a57259f”,
    “mods” : {
    “stonehearth” : {
    “enable_cpp_ai” : true
    “simulation” : {
    “use_subspace_pathfinder” : true
    “config_id” : 1,
    “collect_analytics” : true,
    “alpha_welcome” : {
    “hide” : true
    “renderer” : {
    “run_once” : true,
    “use_high_quality” : true,
    “enable_ssao” : true,
    “enable_shadows” : true,
    “msaa_samples” : 1,
    “shadow_quality” : 4,
    “max_lights” : 50,
    “enable_vsync” : true,
    “enable_fullscreen” : true,
    “screen_width” : 1920,
    “screen_height” : 1080,
    “draw_distance” : 1000,
    “last_window_x” : 0,
    “last_window_y” : 0,
    “last_screen_x” : 16,
    “last_screen_y” : 62
  4. i dont use mods
  5. My PC
    -:arrow_forward: Intel Core i5 4690K Socket 1150 3.5GHz 6MB Cache 22nm
    -:arrow_forward: MSI Z97 Gaming 5 Intel Z97 Socket 1150 DDR3 3200MHz(O.C) DVI&DP
    -:arrow_forward: MSI GTX970 Gaming GDDR5 4GB 256Bit Nvidia GeForce DX12
    -:arrow_forward: GSKILL 8GB (2x4GB) RipjawsX DDR3 1600MHz CL9 1.5V Dual Kit
    -:arrow_forward: XiGmatek Talon Black Edition Vector 80Plus 750W MidT ATX
    -:arrow_forward: ASUS 23.6" VN247H LED
    -:arrow_forward: WD 3.5 1TB Caviar Blue Sata 3.0 7200Rpm 64 MB Cache
    -:arrow_forward: Pioneer DVR-S21LBK 24x Double Layer LabelFlash Sata DVD
    Desktop Computer

No worries on your English, I can understand you just fine! Your PC definitely meets the required specs, so I doubt it is a performance issue. I am going to page @Albert (one of the developers) to see if he can offer you some assistance tomorrow.

In the meantime, while it is possible to not have a crash.dmp as you did not really “crash”, you should definitely have a stonehearth.log file. It may be listed as a notepad file instead of a log file. Can you double check please?

i find it how can i post you?

“mod_checksums”: {
“rayyas_children_ui”: “5f5af7b2eac73b1f1ceee5de97d7d96e4b4328ec91584f755900db671f124657”,
“stonehearth”: “cf3f77a8785a09c71c35b7f3a1220d78f6a6be1de7e5aa7963a0d8cd04f996a9”,
“radiant”: “653f4b53314fbf1c1aa741b3a972e2215279dba77a2a9a81df11bee36e9ca0f5”,
“rayyas_children”: “eab7f2add5241832f8cdf402535155d7352e04d449135610578e9ef30e32838b”
“renderer”: {
“screen_width”: 1920,
“enable_ssao”: false,
“enable_fullscreen”: true,
“use_fast_hilite”: false,
“enable_gl_logging”: false,
“enable_vsync”: true,
“shadow_resolution”: 1920,
“screen_height”: 1080,
“enable_shadows”: true,
“msaa_samples”: 0,
“use_ssao_blur”: false,
“use_forward_renderer”: true

Hey there @Burak_Ergen, sorry for the delayed response here. That file you copied above appears to be your stonehearth.json, not your stonehearth.log. Can you double check your install location for the stonehearth.log?