Where is this line used for?

Alright i didnt know if i had to place it under scripting or modding but my question is what does this line mean in the recipe.json

“ordinal”: 8,

it seem to have some logic in it that weapons is always 8 and worckbenches always 1 but for instance 2 is tools at carpenter and smelt at blacksmith.

i am creating that painter and need the carpenter to make rifined items called frames for the paintings but what ordinal do i need to use for that?

This is just to order the items

For example, ordinal 1 appears first in the list, and then ordinal 2, 3, etc… (You can also use decimals, like 2.3 or 3.14)


alright thanks! they where probobly lazy and copied weapons and didnt bother to change it to fit the count xD

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