Where is the "saved game" file saved?

I see that we can’t sync saved games across devices - yet. I play on both my desktop and my laptop.

There is a post in these forums on where to locate your saved game if you purchased it through Steam. I purchased the DRM through Humble Bundle. Where is my “saved game” file saved so I can pass it over to my desktop from my laptop and vice versa to continue gameplay on either device?

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would guess file structure would be the same on humble so it will be where you installed the game in that case.

Hi Psy, thanks for your response.

In this discourse topic: Share your saved games
it says …/Steam/common/stonehearth/saves/

Doesn’t look like the file structure is the same on the version installed outside of steam. I don’t have a common or saves folder. Hmm…

try %UserProfile%\AppData\Local\stonehearth\saved_games
(its a hidden folder as i recall so you might need to go to folder options and show hidden folders)
can type %appdata% in windows search bar will take you there as well.


The folder is inside the game folder, and is called saved_games.
It will contain a folder for each of your saves.

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I think they are where @Psyduck says. Typing %appdata% will probably take you to the “Roaming” folder, you’d have to go back to get to the “Local” folder.

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Thanks so much for your help! I did find it by doing a search on “saved_games” folder.

Unfortunately, it won’t run smoothly on my other machine so I think I’m going to have to start a new game with less population.