Where are the audio files?

Hey, so I LOVE the soundtrack and the sound effects of this game and want to use some of the sound effects for my phone notifications and ringtones and the like. But for the life of me, I can’t figure out where the audio files are kept? I can safely assume they’re kept in a compressed file similar to smod files.


PS I hope this isn’t against the rules to ask about?

inside the stonehearth smod at data/sounds and data/music

in the stonehearth installation folder in steams common folder correct? because i see no data folder :confused:

Unzip the smod, the data folder is inside

OH you mean in the main Stonehearth smod? okay! lol wow i feel stupid I should know better haha.

proof that the other post was copied and stolen by another user. they literally just copied my text and posted it…what the…