Where are the audio files?

Hey, so I LOVE the soundtrack and the sound effects of this game and want to use some of the sound effects for my phone notifications and ringtones and the like. But for the life of me, I can’t figure out where the audio files are kept? I can safely assume they’re kept in a compressed file similar to smod files.


PS I hope this isn’t against the rules to ask about?

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They are in the stonehearth.smod. After you unzip it, go to data/sounds or data/music


ok i’m very confused…this was my post…why is it posted by someone else :confused:

I literally wrote out the >W< myself.

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is it even against the rules to flat out copy someone elses post and make it your own? :confused:

Not specifically against the rules, but yeah clearly someone copy/pasted the original message. I’ve seen such a tactic used by spambots/spammers in other forums as a way to get their post count up and become trusted users, before they start adding in the spam links. I’ve reported a few such spammers in the last couple of days, and they tend to come out of the woodwork on when a really active forum announces that there won’t be so many active moderators soon (e.g. when a gaming forum announces that the game will be wrapped up soon, with the developers moving on to other projects.)

I hope that’s not the case here, in the past we’ve had a really strong and active community so anyone trying that kind of crap gets spotted and dealt with quickly.


Posts that receive many flags will be unlisted until they get reviewed by moderators, if I remember correctly.

But sometimes the system also flags posts by new users incorrectly (“user typed too fast” - this kind of reason can be a spam bot, but I feel that it can also be someone that copy pasted from google translator, I’ve seen many valid posts auto-flagged for this reason).

This one case here is very strange. Nobody noticed except the original poster, because the original post is several months old.

I also hope we don’t start getting spammers after 1.1 :confused:


well i noticed because i checked in to see if any of my comments were responded to, and found my post at the top of the list but the letter K was replaced by a V making me double take and think that someone some how hijacked my account. But then i saw my account at the top right still remaining with my K icon and checked my posts, and indeed when i replied to my own post both were at the top of the list of the forum.

it’s very strange that someone would copy and paste my post assuming the original author poster wouldn’t have noticed their own style of typing. >W<;; very stupid.