When you desperately need that one vendor so you put down one gazzilion stalls

“No, thank you Mr. Boxen, I don’t need anymore boxes.”

“Sorry, sir, I’m looking for—no, no, no. I don’t want windows.”

“Did anyone see the mason guy lately? Yes, yes, it’s a pretty flower but I don’t need it.”

“I already have enough pets, thank you…”

“Make way please!”

“You again, Mr. Boxen? How did you… ah, never mind.”

“No thanks, I’m not hungry.”


“What the 'eck… stop harrassing me Mr. Boxen!!”

“No thank you, I don’t need animal pelts.”


And then you accidentally close the one you needed.
I always had a bunch of stall before, because that is how I burned my gold, buying wood and stone. Now they have all this varieties, I will probably make even more haha


Bless your for that screenshot!! I always feel like I’m the worst Stonehearth player imaginable because I tend to focus on getting my crafters leveled before bothering with building. That means my Hearthlings tend to spend a while out in the elements like this. I don’t feel so bad now.


Normally, I build shelter for my folks. But this was with re-embark in mind, so I did not really care for these fellows. Let them soak in the rain, I thought.


Doh! Were here’s hoping the folks you’re takin’ with ya to re-embark don’t hold two towns worth of enduring the elements against ya!!


Well, I can always leave them behind when it comes the time for the second re-embarkment! :wink:


:rofl: Very true!

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“Attention! Attention, Vendors! Has anyone seen Rufus? You know, Rufus Garrow. The guy with the teeny tiny cart carrying all the stone furniture. Don’t play coy with me. I know you’ve all met him at some point. The man gets around like a cold… he only shows up when I don’t need or want him.”


I had a thought about “specializing” stalls, making them more attractive for a particular trader, similar to different hearths currently in the game. I.e. cloth stall -> summon clothier in 80% cases.
Although I don’t know how to make this progression interesting. Some quest maybe? Or do we need to achieve something to unlock this option?


Specialized stalls would be wonderful for flavor, too!

… Now I really want them :glum:

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You can always mod them :wink:

It shouldn’t be too difficult to make a new command that spawns a specific trader for a stall.

Argh, seeing so many mods in the workshop is making me crave modding again :frowning_face:

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I wish I could, but I’m an old hag who doesn’t know how to code.

Yeah. Maybe I’ll even kick my laziness in the butt.

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Did ya ever add appeal to all the lovely lights in your mod? In case ya needed some extra inspiration. :wink:

In fact, Kittyodoom graciously offered her help in the matter.

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Yay, that mod is one of my all time favorites!!