When u use the "Stone garden lantern" the game crashes or the people stop building

what happends when u use stone garden lanterns in your construccion de game do not reconize that u have more than one, so the workers dont start building because of the missing part
Steps to reproduce:

  1. Design a building, use stone garden lanterns, save it
  2. build it
    3)it Crashes

Expected Results: to be solved as soon as posible

Actual Results: Nothing



Version Number and Mods in use: no mods, Alpha 17 by steam

System Information: 8gb of RAM, 64 bits, running the game at first in 64 bits, when it becomes slow at 32 bits

Welcome to the forum, @kevinjmartinez14 :slight_smile:

Do you have a template of this building, a savefile prior to the crash, or the crash.dmp file?
If so, could you upload them?

I can’t seem to reproduce this bug. :sweat: