When seasons comes out,,,

When seasons comes out there candledark and frostfeast should be introduced to core game. and maybe a festival for the other seasons.

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I agree when they add seasons adding frostfeast/candedark to the game as holidays would be amazing with an option to turn that off for people who dont care about this feature.

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Well, I still love this game, and still love modding it. Candledark will always be a thing, and as long as @RepeatPan stays involved, Frostfeast will keep pushing the boundaries of the game.


Personally, I think they should be on a long timescale and you don’t unlock the recipes for their crafting until you get to them. So you don’t unlock Jack’o’Lanterns until you reach your first Candledark, and you don’t unlock… I dunno, snowmen or whatever, I haven’t looked at Frostfeast - until your first time reaching it. Although personally I think they should celebrate the equinoxes rather than extant festivals.

Either way, it’d also be cool if you got pilgrims or immigrants around those times, who would come a few days before the festival and depending on how ‘festive’ things are, some will leave a few days after. More festivity means more of them stay, with festivity measured by appropriate foods prepared, appropriate decorations placed, and overall morale.


i like that idea… actually the game as a whole needs visitors to your town… instead of a message saying a trader has arrives a trader should actually come to your town (i believe they wanted this to happen originally… dunno if thats still the case) but it would make it much more immersive if a trader actually came with a caravan or something when trading for you to buy stuff from.

and during festivals people from all over the stonehearth world might come to your town if you have enough food/stuff to feed/give them ect i think that would be cool.