What's wrong with them farmers?

Farmer’s seem a lot less efficient than they used to be! I think this is because they have their priorities mixed up. Here’s why I believe this is so. What it used to be like is farmers would pick all their fields clean, and then start planting new crops. Now, every time someone takes, say, a turnip out of the ground, a different farmer plants a new seed! Now this may seem more efficient, but it stops farmers from picking up other stuff. Let me create a situation for you… You have a farmer that wants to pick the silkweed. Another farmer pulls a turnip out of the ground. He plants a new seed, and goes back to pulling silkweed. The other farmer pulls another turnip out of the ground. The farmer attempting to pull silkweed plants a new turnip seed. This process just repeats and repeats, and it really frustrates me!
Tell me what you guys think in the comments, and I’ll see ya later!


Yes I see myself running into this too ( 2513 )

I noticed that too on 2513 and I only worked against it by enrolling more farmers

the problem I have now is that my Derplings are too busy doing other stuff than picking up all the farmed goods so the fields are littered with vegetables all over the place and nobody cares (unless it’s nom time)

I see what you all are talking about now. They start harvesting at almost exactly the same time, but one finishes just before the other. So the slightly slow one stops trying to harvest and rushes to till the field, thus wasting all his time.

I think @sdee might need to look at this… And it should probably be listed as an active bug (@Relyss or @8BitCrab?).


I think I inadvertently did that with my post before I found this one. Tuhala was good enough to put a link to this post in mine, so I’ll put a link to mine in this post. It can be found here

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