What's going on with SH? - Fanboy's Plea

So I’ve finished a year of university, I’ve got off work and I’m left to enjoy all the progress that Stonehearth has made since I was last here. And guess what? It’s STILL gorgeous! The sparkles on the Talismans, the little jogs the hearthlings break out into, it’s all so cute and nice to look at!

Thass’all I wanted to say, keep up the amazing work Radiant <3

P.S. - I keep on hearing something about cards and voting? I haven’t been on the discourse for a while, @SteveAdamo or any other lovely darling, what’s all this aboot? Is @sdee still super active on the discourse, what’s going on with the next Alpha, how’s the roadmap, so many things I need to catch up on D:> <3 xxxx


well, welcome back! :smile:

cards and voting … hmm… you lost me there, I’m afraid… of course, its still early, and im a bit groggy at the moment… :wink:

as for catching up, I think the best thing to do would be to head to the revamped public website, and soak up all the awesomeness it provides… http://stonehearth.net :+1:


Voting and cards might be linked to the Trello-page where the community can vote for priorities…


Cards and voting maybe a reference to the Trello board

Trello Board

Stonehearth like Tahiti is a magical place

Edit: Voxel :wave: speedy sir, very speedy


Congratulations! :smiley: Glad the game still meets what you’re looking for :slight_smile: