What's about the new naruto game Furia Ninja?

What’s about the new naruto game Furia Ninja? I have an intention to play the game. Anyone know it?

2 equal topics at the same time for a first timer, that sounds odd; spamming bot?

I’ve removed the other thread, but will leave this one, on the off chance its a legitimate request to discuss the game… :confused:

But then wrong category! (-> other games) :wink:


no. well maybe, but both topics had gotten auto flagged by the system, and i marked them both as not spam at the same time… i’m guessing they made one thread, it got flagged, so they made another one…

Or sometimes the internet messes something up and it repeats an action.We had a problem at some point I think in the PM where posts got dublicated.

Yep but in this case, it wasn’t the same message, it was two 2 lines messages to start a discussion about a new game posted at the same time, with no introduction or else (basically quite similar to a spam bot). But anyway we will see quickly if the user is legit or not in the next days because after all, indeed someone may write like a bot, who knows… :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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Ah ok I didn’t see the first topic. (Or second or whatever)

actually the second (deleted) one was posted 5 minutes after the this one, most likely due to the fact that this one had got auto-flagged… but your right, this does seem suspiciously like a spam bot.

3 days, not a word from someone who was SO thrilled he post 2 times in a row… Still have a doubt @8BitCrab? And btw, how many legit users use a commercial link in their profile? :wink:

I’m going to say the game looks terrible, and any game based on an overgrown series deserves to be just as terrible. Not only that the website is one of those sites that an 8 year old made for their computer code class that was made successful through wordpress, The trailer does the game no justice, no wait it just shows the true greatness about the game cause it is based on the great software called Windows Movie Maker. All in all the game looks terrible, I would recommend nobody plays it.

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Furia Ninja is an online Naruto game. It has excellent graphics and interesting events. I love the game very much! :revolving_hearts:

So evn I am starting to consider the spambot accusation:

No comment… :relieved:



if anyone notices anything else shady, just PM one of the mods… the two authors have different IPs, but that can obviously be spoofed… :confounded:


Well my honest opinion on the game is age realy matters!Age 13 and above I’d rate it 1/10
(just another mindless game like all those googleplay and facebook have to offer!).
On the other hand say you are in the 6-12 range you could easily fall in love.
I could could get a better story and a better game desiegn from most SNES and better consoles.
You could build something way better with the unity game engine in about 5months with a 1 man crew.I play a few mindless facebook games myself.I perfer games with alot of depth.
Space engineers,Worlds of Magic,Runescape and a few mmorpgs.Steve here got me playing
Creativerse.I’m on vacation now playing mindless Facebook games until I return;_:.I would love to be
playing the new release of Stonehearth.I left before it launched today.

Well, I couldn’t help but notice that the names of both posters are made up by joining together two other names, Sara-Olivia for the female and Valda-Kelvin for the male… Curious combination of names too.
And the way they wrote…
Totally Spam for me.


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