Whats a good program for modelling?

Im using magicavoxel and love it for its interface but not being able to make outfits etc and having to export to other programs to adjust and seoerate the parts is annoying. I know qubical is popular but is there any free programs.

Also if there isnt any good alternative’s is there a “recommended” way to export and edit from magicavoxel?
the current program Im using for editing is slow and crashes alot :confused:

Hi there @cole3050 :smile:!

Have you looked at VoxelShop yet?


It’s free too and also used by others in the community.
I use it to to make outfits and edit existing models :slight_smile:.

I can’t help much with MagicaVoxel, as I only use it for coloring and rendering :sweat:.
But feel free to ask others if you need help :smiley:!

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