What kind of error could this be?

I am making the outfits mod, so far so good. I did the hats first, all worked great.

Now i did the outfits and the game doesnt “start” i open the game, black screen, but the music start playing…

what kind of error could i have made ?

check all the json to be valid
also check the stonehearth log in case something is unable to be loaded


Fixed. how?
Removed all the last .json i putted in… started the game, all good? all good! Put back one by one and go testing haha
I had one duplicated .json with a diferent name :expressionless:


used the same method once
good to know you fixed it :rofl:

Always check the stonehearth.log. If something could not load properly, it will be mentioned there. :slightly_smiling_face:

Although the method of putting the files back little by little is good too :smile:

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good but tedius haha