What is in Build 202 and 205?

Anyone know what the changes were?


Does it have a fancy new title screen yet?

no it does not. Also cant see anything else new

I’m sure they’ll post something soon about it

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If you start the game, there’s a link at the bottom left “Show Patch Notes”. It has been updated to 202, but I don’t know how accurate it is. A lot seems “old news”:

I think its all old info and they forgot to update the notes lol

This, maybe?

You will not receive a daily update with the requirements for gaining new hearthlings to your town. If you fulfill the requirements, you will always be granted the option of accepting a new settler.

Anybody wanna check?

EDIT: This might just be a typo… not instead of now!

It still gives me the update everyday!

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typo from the old version

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