What do all the stats mean?

I think we need to figure out what all the stats mean for example:

what is max health?
what determines health regen?
what is creativity for?

It would be nice to start figuring this out especially for adding new buffs to the game.

I’ve been having a little chat with @sdee about buffs and so far the only three I know are max_health, speed, and courage.

max_health is the total amount of hit points the unit has. You could use a buff to add or multiply max_hp to increase a characters health (or decrease it o.o)

courage deals with the likely hood of a character running from an enemy. The higher the courage, the lower the chance that they would run away. (courage system has been turned off right now)

speed deals with how fast a character moves (and I guess works) The higher the speed the faster they gooooooo

That’s all I really know right now. Some of the stats like body and mind are technically in the game and should effect combat but by the sounds of it don’t have an effect on anything yet.


So why does some settlers still run away from goblins after fighting them for some seconds?

Is this because they take damage maybe?

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Then according to what @Avairian said, if the courage system is disabled, they shouldn’t run away. So is it a bug?

No I meant that I didn’t know whether it was a “save yourself” mechanism, like they’ve taken damage so they back off, cause I’m pretty sure they engage combat after running away?

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Yeah, as I said they run away after fighting them.

So does this mean that the courage system can make a settler run away even without fighting?

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I would expect so, eventually. I imagine if you have a very wimpy character who runs into Cthulhu all of a sudden, on their own, they might not wait until they’ve first taken a hit before deciding to run away :stuck_out_tongue:

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you can be courageous, without being suicidal… :wink:

I imagine the value plays into whether they engage in combat at all, and if so, for how long…

From what I see the settlers are hard coded to run away after they are hit. The courage system was buggy so they turned it off. From what I guess the way the system should work is that some settlers will have a higher courage so that they might take a hit or two before running away instead.

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