Stamina and Muscle tonics?

What do these do? I don’t see a stamina or muscle stat anywheres.

they give a temporary boost to the Stamina and Muscle attributes.

they are under the “attributes” tab of the character sheet, here’s a quick screenshot,

each of these branch off of the main stats,

Mind: Diligence, Curiosity, Inventiveness

Body: Muscle, Speed, Stamina

Spirit: Courage, Willpower, Compassion

hope that helps/makes sense :slight_smile:

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They are great on hard mode. When the kobold archers come I make sure to use the stamina to cover the gap between the cleric healing and the time the footman get there. Since the footmen can make it into battle 5-10 secs before healing support arrives and the Knight is able to pickup the threat. The muscles (strength) increases dps, reducing the amount of combat time. The longer those nasty, nasty, kobold have to hit you with those arrows decrease survivability.

Thanks, what does stamina do though? I don’t remember any hearthlings ever walking unless hurt…

And nothing affects the crafting speed? I thought higher mind made crafting faster.

i dont know everything about it, but i’m pretty sure that the stamina determines how long a hearthling can work until they need to sleep, and how much they need to eat… or something like that, maybe @sdee can help answer that clearer for you?

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When you hover over an item under the attributes tab, you’ll get the in-game description of what it does. Stamina has “Each point increases max health by 1.”

I don’t believe anything impacts crafting speed yet, those still take X number of seconds based on the recipe.

How long a hearthling will work is determined by the Diligence stat. There’s a sleepiness stat that is derived from the diligence stat. Your hearthlings each have their own bedtime and how long they like to sleep for. :smiley: