What are your favourite mods?

Stonehearth is obviously going to have a lot of mods made for it, but I thought I would ask people what some of their favourtie mods are from other games.

Some of my own have to be the Technic pack for minecraft, I quickly got bored of vanilla minecraft and this mod just made it so much better and I managed to get many more hours out of the game. Another one I have enjoyed is not so much a single mod but all of the mods available for sim city 4 there are so many you can literally add almost anything you want to the game making cities feel more alive and keeping the game fresh, shame the new sim city removed what was so good about the old ones.

So what are your favourites mods and why?

Rail craft for minecraft. It adds so much utility but also so much life with trains whistling and doing your bidding. I would love steam trains to be in stonehearth, to connect settlements and outposts

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I really like trains, but I don’t think trains will ever be able to move people around, because you would need to thinker with their pathfinding AI, which I thought would be impossible. For goods transportation however, I think it can be done :slight_smile:

I really like the thaumcraft 3 mod for minecraft. It just handles magic so well! It isn’t too strong, and will bring you doom if you use it too abusively (which is what Radiant wants). I would really like to see someone move that to Stonehearth (if the majority isn’t already present)

True, but you could maybe load people like cargo, and unload them at the other end, to remove the need for them needing to be smart enough to use the trains. Thaumcraft is good, it’d be interesting to see negative affects of magic abuse

What I really loved in Minecraft was Equivalent Exchange. While it was pretty broken power-wise, I never really ran into that problem (because my friend disabled all the emc production units and the infinite combos). I just really liked being able to convert items into more useful ones, rather than having to search for years to find what I needed, It was just get one and done.
(example: my cobble generator worked as a snow/ice generator for my underground ice maze, and a wood generator at 1/4 efficiency)

I was the opposite with EE, I enjoy looking and farming and mining what I need. Looking for it is half the fun.

Its not that I’m against looking for it, but I hated mining for mundane objects…
Also, the dowsing rod was great. Basically, it left me more time to build cool stuff, because I wasn’t searching/waiting for sheep to shear, or dye, or dyed sheep. I could just take any wool from my automatic sheep farm and convert it.
(Also, Redpower 2 was a godsend. Redstone on any surface, AND can be hidden by panels? SIGN ME UP)

Perhaps we should rename the thread to favourite Minecraft mods :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m a big fan of the Game of Thrones mod for Crusader Kings II, as well as the Elder Scrolls mod for Crusader Kings II. There are also some other great overhaul mods that add a lot to the gameplay like the Prince and the Thane.

I really love Industrialcraft and Thaumcraft, both very fun mods to have!
If we consider games other than minecraft, I’d say the earth replica for civ 5, and europa barbourum for rome total war.

i think the bulk of my mod experience has been with the Elder Scrolls series… starting with Morrowind, i spent far too much time either creating or installing mods for that and Oblivion… good times… :smile:

I enjoy the lazor cam mod and chatterer mod for Kerbal Space Program :sake: it adds that extra bit of realism for me, I use mechjeb as well, but i dont enjoy using it, its more utilitarian in nature

Heroes of Might & Magic Wisdom for Civ 5 is interesting, so is the ME Civs for it. Best mods I’ve ever seen though would have to be Civ 4, recently I’ve been using more of Caveman 2 Cosmos which spans from the prehistoric era when you have next to nothing (really, no language resource usage or anything) all the way until you’re at an intergalatic level with armies of spaceships and you’re an army of superhuman cyborgs that don’t age get ill or have crime. Unfortunately it’s unfinished and most of the sci-fi stuff isn’t in there yet and civ 4 is 8 years old now so it doesn’t get much modding anymore, luckily this mod is still in very active development and is going strong with regular updates.

The other major mod I liked was Fall from Heaven 2, it turns civ into a fantasy game with diverse and interesting gameplay, one of their goals was to make every civ play different and they fairly well succeeded, you can play as anything from the pacifistic culturally acceptive elves (with armies of treants and zombies to capture and convert their enemies) to the law abiding light aligned demons that have to be summoned from hell in-game, as evil builds the apocalypse slowly approaches until Armageddon strikes. Play as the insane circus people that capture and enslave their enemies for freak shows while tormenting them with spell casting puppets and Loki himself? Atheistic humans that are waist deep in adventurers? Vampires that can kill your own population for power or golem using dwarves? (as opposed to the dwarves that don’t use golems).

That’s just two of the best mods for civ 4 but there is a lot more from things that turn into a tactical strategy game to ones that make it an rpg or a sci-fi space based 4x game. Custom victory conditions based on civs history? it’s all in there.

My favourite mods would have to be some of the skyrim ones they are just awesome especially frostfall and the sounds mods and some of the kickass graphics enhancement mods or some of the weapon mods (im looking at you LOTR weapons mod) gah theres just to many to name… Also Synergies mod for torchlight 2 is just amasing the shear amount of work he has done and majority without the dev kits, well he definatly deserves a :cookie:.

I tried the Caveman 2 Cosmos mod for civ 4 but it made the game too slow paced for me and I felt a bit overwhelmed by how much stuff there was, still a good mod though if you want a far more in depth civ game. As for the fact its still in development 8 years after the game has released it always amazes me how long a game can keep going with the addition of mods, I re-installed command and conquer generals a couple of days ago which I believe came out in 2003 or 4 and checked around for some mods and there was still mods in development for that to. Hopefully the same will be true for Stonehearth and we will still see mods being made in 2020.

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