Weird shadow on edge of world

there is a shadow about 1 block wide and it is one one side of the map (it might also be on the opposite side of the world also I haven’t gone that far yet) I have seen this on every map. It’s driving me crazy please fix this
Steps to reproduce:

  1. create game
  2. plant flag in a corner of the map
  3. observe a strange shadow on one edge of the world about 1 block wide

Expected Results:
no shadow
Actual Results:
shadow on edge of world


Version Number and Mods in use:
System Information:

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Isn’t this just a coincidence? Like that was exactly where it stopped expanding, so as soon as someone goes there it will clear the fog?

it won’t go away I tried everything

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Thanks for the bug report, I have no idea about this. Let’s wait a dev see this to fix it.

I don’t understand
"Let’s wait a dev see this to fix it"
this sentence does not make sense

Uhm, english is not my first language. What I mean is that soon or later a developer will reach this topic and aknowledge this bug, and then will try to fix it

oh that makes much more sence

Was just trying to deal with this issue and noticed this unanswered bug report. It’s from long enough ago that it definitely should’ve been addressed; annoying that it wasn’t.

Anyone know the cause of it and/or a remedy? It shows up even with terrain “full vision” enabled.

It seems like as light is an expensive calculation, it is only casting on that area, no need to cast on the void. But it seems the area radius is one block short, so there is half block uncovered on each edge.

Did you check your graphics settings in-game? Are you using a preset or custom values? Are you using the Legacy render mode? Do you have Ambient Occlusion or Antialiasing enabled? How many light sources are in use?

The shadow might be correctly calculated, but maybe your settings are causing it to render it with low quality.

Does anyone not have this issue?

None of those settings have any effect. My normal settings are moderate shadows/lights, max draw distance, ambient occlusion and anti-aliasing enabled, no fallback renderer. There can be zero light sources (besides sun/moon) and it still happens.

It’s not a shadow in the same way that other shadows are rendered based on light sources. It’s a weird edge-of-terrain bug that can be “solved” by generating a tiny bit of terrain far enough away in the negative x / negative z direction that no one will ever notice it (that bit of terrain, being the min x/z terrain, will have the bug, but you won’t notice it on the main terrain then).