Weaver's loom iconic form is missing glitter effect

Summary: Weaver’s loom iconic form is missing glitter effect

Steps to reproduce:

  1. craft a weaver’s loom
  2. don’t place it, but let it get put into a stock pile or on the ground

Expected Results:
Iconic-form loom which has same glitter effect as weaver’s spinning wheel, herbalist’s staff, etc

Actual Results:
Iconic-form loom with no glitter effects


A collection of iconic-form equipment which glitters except for the loom, in a picture:

Version Number and Mods in use:
alpha 18, release-663

System Information:

I told a hearthling to move all the tools from one stockpile to another, and all the tools lost their effect.
The loom was glittering at first so the problem is not the loom itself. :confused:


That’s interesting, @Relyss. I believe that loom in my image had been previously deployed before I had it picked up and pt back in stock.

Also, all those tools were in other stockpiles before I had the hearthlings collected them into that one stockpile.

Were your tools previously deployed?

No, they weren’t.