Water area usable?

I’m not sure water can be used for anything (like fishing after promoting someone to fisherman to supply the hearthlings with food) at the moment. It would be nice if that can be done.
Thank you. Keep up the great work.

Hey there @karak!,

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So, as per your topic, good news! Water as a resource is an already planned feature.

Later on in the development of Stonehearth water will be used as a resource to allow your crops to grow and to power waterwheels.

As well, when your Hearthlings get bored, they will actually go and fish just for recreation. Again, this will be later down the road of course. Oh, and fun fact, fish will actually be visible in the water! Huh… I’m really looking forward to that!

Lastly, and this is just speculation, but I also believe water will be used for Hearthlings to drink, craft other more ‘exotic’ drinks, and to give to your animals.

So yeah! There you go. : D

Hope that helps in some way!


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OOhhhhh!!! gets all giddy I cannot wait for all that to be implemented! =D***



Huh, this game is going to be amazing!


( EDIT: OH! And if you’re into that kind of stuff, don’t forget about birds, windmills, and wandering deer! )
( AHH! : D )

I am hoping that by all that we will have a bucket that we can transport water with. Or something on that lines.


Same here. I’d say that has to be some type of element in the game… at some point.

Oh! But I almost forgot… In terms of transporting water directly, I’m not too sure what they have planned… But, if you or others are not aware, they do plan to have barrels (squarrels) to hold liquids, and wells to have easier access to water.

… That has nothing to do with transportation of water… but hey… fun facts! : D

HUH! Again, this game is so awesome! Here’s my wallet Radiant Entertainment!



I am looking forward to that. It would be nice to say transport water and make large fountains n such. With my current project it would be awesome to have a large pool of water in my tree of life. A spring of sorts.


Oh, awesome!

I’m picturing that now… sort of a Lord of the Rings, Elven-esque sort of tree! Very cool!

As well, I agree. That would be a very handy feature. Would be fantastic for building, in my own vision, huge waterfalls!

But yeah, overall, good idea!




Right now if you find a source of water up in the mountains you can do something like that more or less. I think it will also work with nearby lakes at any height.

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@John1 oh I know there are ways to go about it. however in my map there are no water sources up high, and that still doesnt solve the issue if you want to go higher than mountain height. and its not like we have water magic in the game :3

@Simica_Na It would be good to have some water magic :smile:

Maybe the geomancer will have a skill to create water springs.

@John1 oh i think that would be awesome for sure!

Great news. Thanks for the reply and keep up the great work :slight_smile:
It would also be nice if fishing (promoting someone to fisherman) would be another way to feed the hearthlings.

Sorry for resurrecting an old thread, but it was either this or start a new one, and god knows we have enough of those.

I must express my worries over fishing only being planned to be mere recreation. People all over the world is relying on the fishing industry to survive, as a source of food and resources, such as oil, caviar, sponges, heck, even medicinal use.

I would really like to see a new profession, namely the fisherman, cause just having the hearthlings fish cause it’s fun (And yes, fishing IS fun!) would feel like a waste of potential.

Here’s how I picture the fisherman proffesion:

  • By using a fishing pole (Constructed by the carpenter, ex: using wood and thread), a hearthling turns into an angler (someone who fishes with a rod and line).

  • The angler can then go over to a body of water (the bigger the better, considering larger lakes should have more fish in them), and start fishing. I think using a system similar to the trapper would be a good way of designating bodies of water ment for fishing. Requirements would be that it needs to be connected to land.

  • To avoid the angler from competing with farming as the most reliable source of food (at least to start with) it would have a random element to it, by having some mechanic that checks for fish present in the lake and compares that to the anglers skill, resulting in the amount of fish he can get. (IRL, If you’re not using boats and nets, fishing up enough fish for a whole town with just a rod would be problematic to say the least).

  • EDIT: The angler would then stand there fishing for x-amount of time, trying to get something on the hook. Maybe he’ll succeed, maybe he won’t, getting fish is never guaranteed.

  • The angler can bring home various kinds of fish, depending on what’s in the lake, these can later be eaten raw (not super tasty), or cooked at the kitchen using various recipes (Steamed fish with herbs? Delicious!)

  • The various skill lvls would give a fitting trait bonus, like faster catch rate using lures.

  • With enough lvls, the angler can use another tool to turn into a " Fisherman", granting new ways to get resources from the water.

  • The fisherman can still use a fishing pole, but could also be able to use “Bottle traps” for fishing. Bottle traps could be placed either “randomly spawned” ( Like the trappers traps, and I think this would be the best/simplest way of using them, and they could use the same area that the angler uses for fishing), or be specific kinds of items that can only be placed next to shore. If the Bottle traps would need crafting, they could for example be made by clay, wood, or flax (fiber). The fisher man places these traps next to shore, and can then come back later to see if he caught anything.

  • Some extra things that could be added are traps for crayfish, or eels.

Those are my ideas for utilizing the water a bit more, and not “just” have it for watering plants and animals! This would also open up new ways of keeping your hearthlings fed, and also would give players a reason to build cozy fishing.villages next to a large body of water. :slight_smile: