Was just slaughtered by the biggest goblin raid I've ever seen

Maybe this was a bug, or maybe I was unlucky and unprepared. On day 8, I thought I was doing awesome, my little guys were harvesting corn for the first time, I had an abundance of other food, I had enough beds for all 9 of my people, and 5 buildings, 3 for crafters, and 2 that served as hotel type things for all of my workers.

Towards the end of the day, a huge goblin raiding party the likes of which I have never seen descends on my camp, instantly killing my 2 footmen, and then quickly slaughtering the rest of my village. There were approximately 10 goblins.

Perhaps it was because I had amassed so much wealth? Maybe it was because the goblin population remained unchecked, or got clogged up somehow, eventually attacking all at once.

However, even if all 9 of my people had been footmen, I’m not sure even they all could have held off the attack, because the goblins came as a group, while my soldiers would have been spread across my town. This seems like it was too difficult a scenario early on.

I have a save from the end of day 6, and I may try playing it again to see if it happens once more.

Anyone know what may have caused this? Does it always happen on day 8, or did I become too rich too quickly? What is the best way to combat such a threat?

Thanks! :smile:

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[quote=“corwin, post:1, topic:7126”]
What is the best way to combat such a threat
[/quote] If you do not have this mod ( sonds like you do not ) you shod use it [MOD] stonehearth: combat balance r122.0.3, Updated 8/30/2014 if you need any help installing it here is a YouTube video YouTube

As for why it happens, it’s currently an issue the dev team is working on. The mod above might help; other suggestions (as well as more information) may be found in this thread by Stephanie.

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Awesome! Thank you! I’ll definitely try it out.

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No prob glad i was of help! :smile:

hey there @corwin… as has been mentioned, this is being looked into (balance, etc)… however, if you make it to day #8 again, let’s see some more screenshots! :smile: :+1:


By the way, what are your computer specs?

Like @BloodW0lf said, download @Wombat85’s fix. Also try building your village in an enclosed area so you can easily construct walls around it.

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What specs in particular are you curious about?

Not much, just things like processor, graphics, and RAM.

running win 8.1
8gb ram
intel i5 chip
it’s about 2 years old, and at the time, it was a pretty good laptop.

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Okay, so it’s a laptop. There seems to be some correlation between computer quality and goblin raids.

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I use a two year old Lenovo Enhanced Experience 3 windows 7 intel core i7 8GB Ram CPU 2.10GHz 64 bit operating system. can some one tell me if that is good or bad for gaming etc?

That seems pretty good to me. Of course, I probably purchased my laptop around that time with an i3 and 2GB RAM, so I have little to compare it to. (I am still able to run the Tech Demo)

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