Walls do not block line of sight

Summary: Footman engages goblins out of his line of sight.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Train footman.
  2. Wall off settlement.
  3. Footman will enter combat mode.

Expected Results:

Footman patrols normally.

Actual Results:


  • The footman has been in combat mode for days.
  • There are 8-12 goblins wandering about outside my fort
  • One of them was stuck in the dirt (“head bug”)

Versions and Mods: R118

System Information: Vista | Core 2 Duo 2.0 GHz | 4GB RAM | GeForce 9600M GS

I’ve got an older laptop and I’m trying to figure out why the game begins to get sluggish after a while. I have a feeling it might be because of the path finder trying to find a way past the walls I build. It seems to get worse as the goblins pile up outside and my footmen try to engage them. Unfortunately, I can’t break down walls nor place doors in walls that have already been built. Going to try making the following four towns if I have time:

  • Footmen / Walls
  • {control group)
  • Footmen [+] / Walls
  • {Test if the footmen are the cause, unfortunately they tend to die
    when facing large groups}
  • Footmen / Walls [+]
  • {Test if the goblins are the cause}
  • Footmen [+] / Walls [+]
  • {The village featured above}

well, this is an interesting one… :smile:

did the footman ever engage in actual (face-to-face) combat with a goblin at some point?

Never. He was promoted as my wall was being finished, and the goblin was past the fog of war.

Maybe he has really long arms?!

I’ll get my coat…


It hunger I believe, Villagers lose hp from not eating for long enough, that’s whats happening here. Maybe @SteveAdamo this could be retitled to walls don’t block line of sight? (yes I can do it, but I feel dirty and dont want to). @phector2004 consider rewriting the bug report to walls not blocking line of sight, thats the issue not the health bar.

agreed, and updated! :+1:

Edited. Didn’t know starvation had been implemented yet… don’t wanna know what happens when you don’t feed your settlers for a week :open_mouth:



I cannot post attachments or pictures so hopefully the imgur link will suffice, just add imgur.com/
When there are Goblins located on one side of a wall that I have built, my footmen will be able to see them but be unable to do anything about it. This is probably a pathing issue.

I embedded your picture. I don’t remember clearly if we had this issue with footmen. I guess you’re playing the latest unstable version. Let’s see if someone can confirm.

See this thread:

I had the same problem as you, the problem is Line-of-sight/pathfinding related. It’s been severely edited to address this issue rather than the hp loss/death :smile:

It is actually the Alpha 5 I believe. It is the version that you can download directly from Humble Bundle.

At this point, it is probably moot as phector2004’s post is cut and dry exactly what I was seeing.

Thanks for the quick replies.

thanks for the follow-up folks… merged!

Yup pretty much a game killer if ya build walls around your city… my guards all starved to death standing at the wall waiting to fight an enemy they could not get to, I added doors to one side of the wall but it’s opposite of where the goblins are so the guards for some reason cant find them. I’m using the latest steam build…