[W.I.P FOR 1.0] Turkish Translate (Türkçe Çeviri) | (Alpha 24 Complete!) [1.0 çevirisi yapım aşamasında]


Alpha 24 - Ufak Düzeltmeler…

(Son Güncelleme : 03.02.2018)

Ah evet, göremiyorduk eskiden yazıyı artık onu da düzelttim :smile:

Alfa 23 Versiyonunda beklenmedik değişiklikler var. Ayrıca köylü yerine yoldaş demeyi tercih ettim. Artık beğenileri, sevdikleri ve nefret ettikleri ortamlar hazırlayabileceğiniz bir durumla karşı karşıyasınız. Ayrıca animasyonlarda, bazı kullanıcı panellerinde ve gözlerde değişikliğe gidilmiş. Yeni süslü mobilyalar oyuna renk katmış.

Not: Modu kurduğunuzda oyun hala ingilizce ise ayarlardan Language : “English” yazan kısmı “Turkce” olarak değiştirin.

Gördüğünüz hataları anında bildirin bazen göremeyebiliyorum.

Otomatik Kurulum (Steam kullanıcıları için geçerlidir.) :

  1. Otomatik kurulum şu an askıda.

Manuel Kurulum

  1. Turkish-Translation-v24.smod (1.2 MB) dosyasını indirin.
  2. Dosyayı Steam -> steamapps -> common -> Stonehearth -> mods klasörüne kopyalayın.

Eski sürümler :

Alpha 23: Turkish-Translation-v23.smod (1.2 MB)

Alpha 22.5: TurkishTranslationv22.5.smod (1.1 MB)

Alpha 22: TurkishTranslationv23.smod (1.1 MB)

Alpha 17 : Turkish-Translation-v17.2.smod.zip (305.4 KB)

Alpha 18 (beta sürümü dev 3116) : Turkish-Translation-v18.2.smod.zip (308.6 KB)

Alpha 18 : Link : Turkish-Translation-v18.zip (309.2 KB)

Alpha 21 : Link : TurkishTranslationv22.smod----------

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Working Mods for Alpha18

Here you can see the “ü,ı,ç,ğ,ş” like letters are cant used on this font. How can i found a font stonehearth original font or like this font that supports turkish letters?


Take a look at how @Wiese2007 did the translation, download the file and open it (zip) to see how to implement a different font. I have done the same in Swedish, and it works fine for me with the very same font.



Hello tkh nice to see you again! I will check out later, thanks!


thanks for the help, @tkh :smile:


Glad to see it worked out! :smile:


@tkh how can i fix names?


I don’t know exactly what you mean… you want to change the names on the Hearthlings?


Look at the screenshot theres no names of hearthlings, and actually, yes.


Once again I must point at our master translator @Wiese2007, if we take a look at his file for names:

\translations\ascendancy_population.json There we can find custom names. But as I understand it - only if you specify it in the manifest.json:

 "overrides" : {
      "stonehearth/services/server/population/data/ascendancy_population.json" : "file(translations/ascendancy_population.json)",

So if you override names in manifest you’ll have to specify it like that.

I haven’t tried it myself, nor have I seen the issue you’re describing, so if this doesn’t help, I hope @Wiese2007 can help.


I understand what you mean, thanks.


I think a whole override is bad, because that file is also used to other things, which means if you have an old translation with a newer version of the game (one that made changes to that file) your game will have the old contents.

I guess this is the reason Yang implemented the “mixintype”, where you can override just a part of the file, in this case, just the name list.


I will try this. Thanks Bruno. And should i use this for translates too?


I guess. Never used it, so I’m not sure how it works.
From what I understand, you set a mixin in your manifest to add your file to the original.
And your file content should have those “mixintype_given_names”:“override” where needed.


i need to add here , right ?
and mixintypes_given_names override to the ascendary population file


Yes. Add as a new line.
Then your file contents will have before each array you want to replace this line “mixintype_ArrayNameHere”: “override”,


Omg im so sorry now it works perfectly :sweat_smile:


With the mixintype? I wonder why the override wasn’t working… Sure it is overkill to override the whole file, but it should had worked anyway.


After a second run, it stopped working and translate was broked , it turned to english. Am i making a mistake ? My manifest file is here : manifest.zip (503 Bytes)


Looks correct. If the file path is really translations/ascendancy_population.json then the manifest is ok.
Maybe the reason for it is that old Hearthlings will keep their original name? The one they had when the game was last saved, and translated names will only appear for new hearthlings?
Check if new hearthling will get the translated names and if it will appear at that bottom bar.