Villager Bed Ownership

Hello, this is my first post and hope it is within reason. I am playing through Alpha 20, and never thought too much about the idea of shared bedding until I saw that it is a negative in villager mood. So here I am, looking at my mean beds, all sectioned off, with their own villager claimant and I say to myself, “What if they had comfy beds instead? Must be a plus.” I grab my carpenter, start undeploying those mean beds and begin the making of comfy beds.

This is where my problem begins. What if my carpenter makes some fine comfy beds? I’d want to give those to my highest craftsmen, my best fighters and my healiest healers. I place my beds down, and…well that’s odd, it says that my villager already owns a bed like this. Can’t believe that, since these are my first comfy beds. So what gives?

My expectations:
The bed ownership menu should reset as beds are taken out of the world. They no longer own the bed to which they were originally connected to, since that bed is no longer there!

The entire menu is still showing some type of ownership, and, since it is not organized in any way (by type, ownership or otherwise), I am basically forced to keep a separate list showing ownership.

Ownership of beds taken away when beds are undeployed, allowing the player to quickly find the villager in need of their own bed.
Allow the player to organize the bed ownership list, in whatever way makes the most sense. By villager type would work if the player is trying to put types of villagers together in shared housing (such as a barracks for footmen?). By ownership would also work if the player is simply trying to get to the villagers who are need of a bed (would be helpful for those dealing with large scale villages, scrolling through a list of 25+ villagers would probably get cumbersome).

Hope this information helps!


Hi @JonMcNinch, welcome onboard.
Firstly, yes it is within reason :smiley: , I came to the same conclusion whilem playing alpha 20, since it did not matter before aside from cosmetics.

But some people were faster :slight_smile: because it seem to bug a lot of us.

There are more BUT you are not alone, rest assured the message will get to radiant and even if someone suggested/thought about it before, feel free to post your ideas and thoughts again.
The forum community here is pretty laid back and friendly.


My apologies. My cursory search didn’t bring up anything that I saw fit my issue. I will have to dig deeper and revise my search terms next time!

Don’t mind that, no need to apologise.
Your post is the best elaborated one :smiley: