Versus mode available?

COOP online or VS support?

Settlement vs Settlement vs Settlement action :D?

hi there @cbwell75… welcome aboard! :smile:

Stonhearth will feature:

Player vs. Player City Raids: Select a party of adventurers to storm a copy of another player’s city and bring home their treasures.
Leaderboards will rank and track the deadliest fighters and most
impenetrable fortresses.

as well as:

Co-op Multiplayer: Share a living world with your friends and family! Build sprawling empires of towns, cities and castles, and
unite in mutual defense against the towering threat of ancient titans.

I would love if they made a version of Co-op multiplayer that they just modified to be a vs. mode.

I think that an interesting mode would be to see who can unlock a certain high-level class or break a certain population mark first. Not exactly a vs mode, but what is essentially a “race to the top” kind of thing. Each player’s world would be exactly the same or have random events for each, depending on how the settings are chosen. Although, it wouldn’t exactly be fair if Cthulhu ate half of my settlers, but @SteveAdamo’s city went on through completely unharmed for some reason.

join the brotherhood, and reap the rewards my friend…

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Sounds pretty Awesome!

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LMAO! Nice man! And how may I join this brotherhood?

You could always turn off the monsters (i think I saw that as an option you would be able to pick) you then could have a free-for-all between players where all they would have to worry about would be the other players. (this could also open up 2 v 2 and so forth.

Please oh please do not sacrifice single player features and functionality to rush out any sort of multi-player. In fact, I’d be super ok without any multiplayer at all.

so Im a little confused can you have normal coop pvp where players can fight each-other and the environment?

Following the roadmap it seems (very reasonably) that multiplayer as bottom of the list.

They have to have that solid base first - so don’t worry, I very much doubt any single player functionality wil be compromised for the sake of multiplayer.

What we know of multiplayer so far is that there will be co-op city building and asynchronous PvP where you attempt to assault a copy of a friends settlement.

I imagine the details of those are still being worked out so we’ll just have to wait and see.