Various questions regarding Architecture, Defense, etc

Aaaaactually, we won’t. I asked @Tom this during a stream a while back. They will just have some different recipes and character models, but not architecture or anything.

Architecture is fully customizable, and you will make up your own style if you want too, but there will be no architecture limitations or style.

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Well, perhaps not a pre-defined monument building, but perhaps an item or option for designating what is being built as a monument. And not only could it bring armies during and on completion, but it might also help civically as well, such as a percentage increase in traffic from other civs, seeking to trade and tour your great monuments.

Ohhhh:(. Well in this case i hope the "Make your own style"thing is pretty deep.I have some really cool ideas for some Chinese looking cities.

Also an other idea/dream i have is that in the future when your are going to be able to create empires it would be cool to see different styles for each one.It would make for some nice multiplayer.

Well, they say they will have dozens of building shapes, dozens of roof types, paints, styles, several material types, and many others. Your city could range from everyone having their own tiny personal castle home, or everyone living in large traditional Japanese homes.

And even if the style you like’s not in there, I know @TobiasSabathius has his norse tents and such and @Avairian his Japanese houses and if that’s still not enough, you could mod the designs in yourself. :smile:

yes, yes, yes, yes… and yes:smile:

Can you customise the appearance of buildings as well?

“Yes … eventually you’ll be able to choose the materials for the
floor, the walls, you’ll be able to choose different patterns for the
roof. And then you’ll be able to paint your walls through crafting, so
lots of customisation.”

How complex can the buildings be?

“As complex at least as the one’s you’ve seen in the concept art …
ultimately we want you to be able to make anything … it’s just a
matter of how long it takes us to get there.”

I kind of hope it’s possible to make this kind of architecture:

Or at least something like this:
Orc architecture is awesome.

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which particular piece(s) are you referring to? the skybridge? the defensive posture? the pit? any of which i would wholeheartedly support… :smile:

More so the full theme.Maybe not the pit, but a small elevated bridge? I sure hope so.

@RoseyNineOneOne that is not orc architecture it needs more spikes!
Now it makes me wonder what kind of stuff are we going to be able to put on our buildings.I mean like lamp posts,statues,spikes etc.

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commence with educated guesses…

lamp posts - :white_check_mark:

statues - :white_check_mark:

spikes - :question:

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It’s not a building if there are no spikes.

How else am I to display the vile settlers goblins?

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If you all will permit me to go back to part of my original question: that of defense works.

1.Let us tackle the question of walls, first and foremost. I can see this as being a prefab thing that the player clicks from a menu, and then clicks and drags where they want it to be. While it may be a different style based on the culture you go with, is it going to be possible to heighten or lower the walls if you want them to be higher or lower? For the things atop the walls, will we be able to customize the crenelations? Add hoardings?

2.For towers and gatehouses, I cannot see these as being prefabs, but rather be designated as one or the other with the use of doors or arrow slits. For instance, you make a building on a wall, then insert the double doors, portculli, and/or drawbridge to it, and it will let the computer know that it is a gatehouse. With the tower, you add arrow slits or some other item to it, and the computer will know it is supposed to be a tower.

  1. And now comes a very important question: the question of a donjon or keep. We should be able to have things like arrow slits and portculli and double doors on it, amongst other things, so what will give it the designation of a keep to the computer? Perhaps a throne, which overrides any other designators?

There are more things I can ask about, like if we would be able to put siege equipment on towers, etc, but those three above are more important atm.

this was touched on (speculated on) here briefly… odds are in favor of the player being able to create walls… the extent of customization is as yet unknown…

right, these could possibly be handled in the same way a workshop is handled…

And like @Amlin mentioned at the end of that post, I also hope that you can work with various kinds of walls, such as the earthen ditch with stakes at the top, then something like a wooden stockade, and up to the stone walls. I was going to say the opposite, but in thinking about it, this would work very well: you start off with the earthen barricade, in terms of first placing where a wall will be. This would be very economic for a player just starting out but needing some defensive works. Then, once he has some resources, he can upgrade sections of the wall at a time into a more defensible wooden stockade that has slits to shoot out from without endangering the archer. Then, once the player is even more established, he can further upgrade them to a stone wall with a wall walk and crenelations.
While some might not like the upgrade idea, it provides a continuity to the player and a sense of rough beginnings for a settlement.

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For walls and that I really hope that the building physics applies …

Meaning … I hope that you would have to support the walls appropriately, and as such perhaps wooden walls can not be anywhere near as large and strong as stone walls, and perhaps you can fortify stone walls with iron or magma struts or something crazy.

So you could start off with earthen walls, moving on to then say a wooden palisade, then a wooden wall similar to this:

And just go on from there really.up until the weird and wonderful structures.

I can safely say I never realised fortification was this in-depth

i like this progression… and it would be nice to see the geomancer get involved as part of the fortification efforts, as she seems to be more a support unit…

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Hehe, that is why I am asking these questions, because I am quite familiar with the complexities of fortifications from various time periods, though of most importance to us being the medieval style.

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Does anyone actually know if you can remove structures and get the resources back? I think it’s really weird I don’t know this. Items no, but buildings/structures I don’t see why not. Because if you can, great, but if not I don’t want walls. My city shall be a sprawling mass and I don’t want to halt it’s growth by not being able to go any further.

yes sir, we’ll have this option… @Tom mentions it in one of the very first demonstration videos… something to the effect of “you’ll be able to get those materials back, but we have to figure out how much”…

(speculation) so you build up a wall, and it costs 10 “pieces”… you tear it down, and get maybe 60% of usable materials back, etc.

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