Varanus Pelt Sells for less than wolf pelt?

I’ve been playing the A14 unstable brach lately, it’s reall fun stuff. :slight_smile: So many new monsters, like Entlings, Little Stone Golems, Untamed Wolves… And those REALLY annoying Varanuses.

But I noticed in the shop that wolf pelts sell for 36 gold while Varanus pelts sell for only 6 gold. I really think that should be changed. Wolves spawn frequently and are easy to beat, while Varanuses are rare sightings and have really high stats. Shouldn’t they be more valuable?

Tell me what you think.


Indeed! The high wolf pelt cost was because before they only spawned from the wolf cage raid during the goblin campaign. Goblin trained wolves are much more difficult, hence the high pelt price. But now that they are so common, the price should definitely reflect that.

Thank you for the feedback, this will be amended by the next push to Steam :smiley:


i was so confused until i discovered that the gators got renamed to Varanuses…


I kind of think that varanus pelts should be called “scales” and not be used as pelts but instead be used in making light scale armor :wink:


Same. :stuck_out_tongue:

Well their description does say something about scales.