Uncaught TypeError

Hello there,
I found whilst playing the game, (not entirely sure what i did to achieve this but it suddenly came up here is a screenshot of the error:

hopefully this will help
Keep up the good work Radiant!! :slight_smile:
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just tried to see if i could recreate the issue and found that the box comes up when i try to overwrite my save again hope this helps ^^

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hey there @Lewright94… welcome aboard! :smile:

I’ll embed your image, as soon as I’m no longer stuck on this phone… and thanks for the followup! :+1:

Not sure if they are similar, related, or different entirely, but I got a couple of these myself in my last playthrough. See the attached video. First at the very start at 0:49—I only notice at 1:06 because it was strangely hidden on the right border of the screen—then another later on at 26:17. (Different ones.)