Unable to open unit or workbench dialog boxes

When playing on x64 after a while I am not able to open the box even after click on the unit or box.

There is no screen shot because I click and nothing opens.

so you click on the carpenter’s workbench, for example, and the menu to select craftable items doesn’t open up… correct?

do you get any ui after this? and you have zoomed in so that no other entites are under the buttons (ui is not anymore overlayed - so any entitie below will be selected)

Yes that is correct. It also is the same for clicking on the unit info.

I realized that entities under the buttons were causing problems. But I made sure I was over just grass and tested it also.

have you tried it over the citizens menu? the left bottom ui makes lots of issues at the moment … like total ui kill when you click on the jobicon there :wink: