Carpenter's Workbench

I don’t think this is supposed to happen, although it looks cute. I’m playing alpha 8 by the way. So… now I can’t open the workbench. I tried restarting the game but…

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Can you re-create this or provide the steps to how you did that? That’d help them fix the bug, Now the only question is, Can we shrink it again and make a even tinier worktop on top of the tiny work shop!

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It’s the iconic version. If you undeploy the workbench it stays like that.

But please, if you could give repro steps it’d be greatly appreciated :smile:

Try moving the workbench that is below, and see if it helps… :disappointed_relieved:


I actually tried to open it and it worked. Turns out it was super laggy and took forever to open.

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