Unable to design building after first build

Unable to design building after first build.
Steps to reproduce:

  1. Customise building or pathway
  2. Wait until it’s finished
  3. When choosing design again I get congratulated that my building is finished “on top of the design options rendering them unreachable. When closing congratulations screen the underlying design window also closes. This is repeated until I save and reload”(Added “…” for clearification)

Expected Results:
To be able to design a new building
Actual Results:
Get stuck on the congratulation screen
Workaround: Save and reload.

Version Number and Mods in use:
Alpha 17 3000
System Information:

this is not a bug as far as i know. I believe i read something in the release notes of the update that it was removed until at a later point they could add it again with proper workings. Same apply’s to templates placed. You can’t delete them. :frowning:

looked it up on topic Alpha 17 arrives on steam latest!

Turn off building removal option until we implement more effectively.

Hi Doc Thx for answering, I’we made some clarification to my issue.