Unable to assign beds A18 3131 x64

Started new game with the new version, the UI comes up blank, saved, exited, restarted still no joy


Can confirm bug in latest build.

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For some reason I cannot assign owners to beds.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Click Assign bed to hearthling
  2. Names don’t appear

Expected Results:
List of Hearthlings appears when you go to assign

Actual Results:
Empty List

Could be any of the mods in-use that completely breaks the bed assignment

Version Number and Mods in use:
A18 dev 3131
Mods used: A lot.

I have the same problem but for me the assigning of beds worked till one reaload of a save …

I have some of your mods too:

I made a discovery! you can assign beds (at least in my games) you have to have the “Citizens” list open to have it pop up in the bed assignment ui, example:

Without Citizen UI open

With Citizen UI open

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:open_mouth: good catch!!! :grinning:

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Fixed for next release.

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