[Twitch] I Just Want You All To Know, I'll Have No Idea What I'm Doing


Tonight we watched the last stream from the devteam-and many laughs, tears, and memories were had.

Tomorrow, I will livestream for the first time, on a brand new computer, playing Stonehearth 1.0 for the first time.

It feels poetic, the next stage in the history of Stonehearth, going from Radiant’s intention to create something new, to all of the fans taking the finished product and showing just how wonderful it can be.

So of course I’ll have no clue what I’m doing and probably make a complete fool of myself on the internet, live.

Start time will be 7pm Eastern US, right here: Twitch


Live in 20 minutes! Ish. I mean, it’s 6:38pm right now. so… I should get a drink. I think.


Three hours, no breaks, running commentary the entire time, and in the end, the town did not survive, for lack of a sugarbell.


Wait, how Did you lose a town over sugar :’)?


Well, the first goblin warchief showed up, and his third request was for a bunch of clay and 3 sugarbell. Being in the desert and playing Rayya’s Children, I had lots of clay… but there were only 2 sugarbell plants on the map, and my Hearthlings had not gathered them as I’d asked largely because they had no path. Meanwhile my town inventory insisted that I had four, two undeployed.

I managed to get the two planted and harvested, which gave me the seed for a third, which I planted… but before any grew back, the goblin returned. That resulted in the goblins going hostile, and he eliminated my level 3 Footman easily. The cleric wasn’t much help, and while she alternated between smacking him with a book and running away, the rest of the town was dealing with a random goblin.

I switched one fellow (Mooi) back to a level 2 Footman, despite having no gear, and he dealt with the goblin, then tried to rescue the level 3 Footman (Tilla). That led to having them both incapacitated. The townsfolk staged a daring rescue attempt… but by that point two goblin raiders had finished killing the cleric who’d run away to a remote spot. The goblin raiders headed for town, the warchief’s pathing led him back into town, and at the same time that both arrived, we had goblins attack and a group of undead invaders showed up.

Meanwhile the sugarbells blossomed.

With the cleric fading out in the desert, and both Footmen convalescing in beds, the rest of the town tried quite hard- and even managed to eliminate the undead while giving the warchief a few thwacks on his way by, but then the raiders started incapacitating people, very quickly, and well…

It’s the third time I’ve had a failure on attempting to peacefully deal with the goblins, with the first time being Northern Alliance on the glacier and having one too few raccoon pelts with no raccoons spawning in the allotted timespan. It’s making me feel like I’m missing something important with regards to how to handle the quest line…


the power of your enemies is scaled in relation to the worth of your town.
in other words, your army wasn’t balanced to your buildings/fancy stuff amount.

also, walls with doors in them around your town, they buy you lots of time.
(because normal goblins cant bash doors in, only bigger monsters can)

and if all else fails, fall back EVERYONE to the town flag, fighters too, and put your hearthlings in alert mode. that way your DPS-per-small-amount-of-ground is better (so everyone can focus down goblins, decreasing their fighting power quite quickly)


I’d been hoping to play it all out peacefully and not need to worry too much about constructed defenses; my tiny military had handled the raids with ease to that point, and I’d just purchased them a bunch of new gear from the traveling arms merchant. But no luck.

Ah well. The full three-hour stream video is up on my Twitch channel, I believe.


Well, a hadrians wall style construction is technicly enough to keep out baddies (one block thick, two blocks high) more symbolic then anything