Tutorial How to get a preview picture of your building template into the game

Hi there, I did not find this anywhere … maybe I am blind.

At the moment there are no preview pictures of your selfmade building templates.
But there is an easy step by step way to get your own building preview pictures for your building templates into the game.

Designe or build your building (make sure you have the template of thet building saved).
Take a screenshot with print+alt

Open up paint and press ctrl+v to insert the screenshot
You have to cut out a 800 x 800 square of the building (press ctrl+c to cut it out)
(note: it seems that it does not have to be 800x800 but to be sure just make it 800x800)

Insert this into a new blank (or resize the open one) paint map with ctrl+v

Save it with the same name as your building template as PNG
IN your Stonehearth Steam(find the steam folder) folder -> Steam -> steamapps -> common -> Stonehearth -> saved_objects -> stonehearth -> building_templates
(My folder = D:\Steam\steamapps\common\Stonehearth\saved_objects\stonehearth\building_templates)
(note: the other picture formates could work too, I did not test them … be safe and save it as png)

Go into the same folder (building_templates) and open the file(with the .json ending) of your template with an editor.
Find the name of your building template

And insert this row below the name row but make sure to enter the right picture name with ending
(EXAMPLE: “preview_image”: “/r/saved_objects/stonehearth/building_templates/my workshop.png”, )

Save it and start Stonehearth again.
Open the template window and see your own building template picture:

Have fun :smile:


wow, excellent tutorial @groms! thanks for putting this together! :+1:


Thank you Steve :smile:

I would do this in a test world with insta build mode on. That way you can create really nice builds in nice open space and have a nice solid view like the example builds.

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cool! thank you very much for this great tutorial. Especially for the pictures to make it easily understandable even for “modding”- noobs like me :smiley:


You’re welcome Kagea :slight_smile:

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