[TUTORIAL] Adding in build-able, upgradable humans

Here’s how to add in build-able human entities. This could be used to build any entity with ai, just create a new mixin with what you want it to do. Still no way to build it with items already equipped, check out the eve thread if you have ideas.

Tutorial: Adding eve, it goes through quick because I use jing. I skip over the basic stuff covered in other tutorials.
Part 1: Modding the files

Part 2: How she works and whats next (video doesn’t show gameplay, its broken!)


this is some brilliant stuff @Wombat85! thanks for taking the time to capture this for the rest of the community… :+1:

Great work on the modding. But the ingame video part does only show the main screen.

Well isnt that an interesting little mistake by jing. Have to find some new screen capture software. Any recommendations?

I dont make video’s, so I dont know.

I have an nvidia card and use shadowplay myself. I used to use fraps