Trolling the Farmer!

Hello! Today marks a glorious day, a momentous day - it’s the very first episode of Trolling the Farmer!

So, what’s this all about? Well, for those who struggle to comprehend things, on this show we are all about dem farmer trolls. There should hopefully be at least one episode on every release put out, so stay tuned when we hit the next patch!

Alpha 4 r99, Episode 1:
Welcome one and all! Hehehe, today as a bonus we’re planning on using a current bug to try to freak him out or anger him.

First off, he of course needed a field to work with. I figured 15x30 would probably do. Rest is for the weak. Though I decided that perhaps putting a bed in the middle of his field would be a convenient place for him to sleep if he did wuss out.

Though it turns out the other workers had heard of the show and were looking to take part themselves.

The starving Stonehearthians clearly think a lot more of their stomachs than they do of the farmer’s wellbeing. Good.

In an attempt to keep him up, I tried to employ a scare tactic. I put the ghost of a bed right on the edge of his field to discourage him from going near the finished corner and therefore also avoiding the bed.

And then of course, the biggest troll of all was the game crashing randomly so that he never got to finish his hideous beautiful field that he had spent days hammering away at (quite literally). I almost feel a morsel of sympathy for the sod. Key word: almost.

Stay tuned for the next episode! Looking to exploit another current bug/design flaw. Thanks for tuning in!


Jeez, did you have a bad childood experience with the farmer or what? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Kinda Getting a Lord of the Flies vibe here…

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Sounds like cannabalism. Strangely entertaining.

Now just buy an actual plantation and do this in real life.