Triangle halves

Half blocks, but cut diagonally. Triangular shaped. Then we could make ramps. And rooftops

If anyone wanted somthing to code. Or if it exists I would love to be informed of where.

Only way or can be done is via animation, and if you mean tiny 1x1x1 blocks that would probably have an unreasonably high strain on your pc

You could just use blocks and make it look like they are triangles. Or making blocks actually triangle shaped. Like using 1 90 and 2 45s for angles. And then it could be a sloped or slanted block.

i assumed you meant items right? that you can put down like, a chair, sort of thing?
fake-triangular (so, stair, shaped) is doable sure. but ACTUAL triangles is animation stuff.


it may not be possiible to have a triangle shape the way you want it or even blocks that are partially transparent

if the gamedevelopers didn’t stop it may have one day happene0d

There is Pawel efforts of making roof tiles that way:

Oh man, I’ve sketched and tried implementing a dozen of ways of implementing these and none seems even close to convenient. This game isn’t really suitable for that level of shape-mending. I’ll try some new modular approaches when I get my variant swapper to work flawlessly.